Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I register my interest to view Penrose Showflat?

You can book an appointment here, call us at 61005859 or Whatsapp directly at to register your interest for VVIP Preview & Discounts.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. Register here for Direct Developer Discount.

If I currently own a property, will I be able to book a unit?

Yes, you can. It is advised for you to book a unit first before it gets sold.

If you don’t intend to sell your existing property, please keep in mind Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) will incur. You can refer to the ABSD rates here.

If you intend to sell your existing property, you can do so
(1) before you exercise your option at Penrose Condo to avoid ABSD or
(2) after Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) date/ Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) of Penrose Condo within 6 months to be applicable for ABSD Remission

Please do not hesitate to seek assistance with our Developer Sales Team to be advised on your available options to see what best suits your situation. We will provide our utmost service to address your concerns and questions.

Kindly leave your message here.

Do I have to pay commission?

There will be no commission payable. Our Developer Sales Team will update you the latest project information and assist in booking of units. Our team will handle all the documentation with no addition cost involve.

Can I be updated on discounted units & star buy promotions?

Yes you can. Please kindly submit a message at the bottom of this page and indicate which bedroom type you are interested.

I am unsure what amount / percentage of my CPF Ordinary Account am I allowed to finance my purchase.

The amount of CPF savings you can use depends on:

  • the number of properties you own
  • if the property’s remaining lease can cover the youngest buyer using CPF savings for the property to at least 95 years old. If the duration of the property’s remaining lease cannot cover the youngest buyer to at least 95 years old, CPF usage will be pro-rated based on how near to age 95 the property’s lease can last him/her.

You and your co-owners (if any) may use your available Ordinary Account (OA) savings up to the lower of the purchase price or the valuation price of the property at the time of purchase.

Thereafter, if your housing loan is still outstanding and you have set aside the Basic Retirement Sum (BRS), you can continue to use your OA savings to service the housing loan.

If you are below age 55: You can use your OA savings after setting aside the current BRS. Savings in your Special Account (SA) and OA can be used to meet the BRS requirement

If you are 55 years old or above: You can use your OA savings after setting aside your BRS. Savings in your Retirement Account (RA), SA and OA can be used to meet your BRS requirement.

Alternatively, for further assessment or questions, you can submit a message at the bottom of this page

What is my estimated payment if I were to purchase a unit at Penrose now?

You can refer to our Progressive Payment Calculator here to get your breakdown calculation.

Alternatively should you need further assessment or explanations, you can leave a message at the bottom of this page or contact us directly via Whatsapp.

If you have further questions, kindly submit a message below. Penrose Condo Developer Sales Team will get in touch with you the soonest.

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